Do I Have Options With My CPAP Machine?

When you have a CPAP machine you have many options for upgrades. Just because you have bought your CPAP machine years ago doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it the way it is. The more high-tech ones and future-savvy ones will be more beneficial because there will be more upgrade options, but other CPAP machines still are entitled and eligible to use newer pieces as long as they fit the machine. CPAP Cushions

Humidifiers used to not be included in CPAP machines. The device has gotten complaints of course, about drying out the nasal passage and throat passage causing nose bleeds and dry mouth. But now, the option for humidifiers, and furthermore HEATED humidifiers has become available. This upgrade is sometimes already included in CPAP machines. They allow for an easier time breathing so you can have a more easy time breathing and staying asleep. What’s amazing is the heated humidifier. This recently added bonus has made it even more comfortable wearing a CPAP machine and makes it easier to just fall asleep.

Don’t be alarmed by the thought of a humidifier making the machine run more loudly. There are units available that keep the noise at a low level so you can sleep through it and some help you to not even notice that they are running at all.

Also, some CPAP machines have soothing music that you can play to help you get an even, sound sleep. The music options will include noises like wind, rain, the beach, white noise and other soothing music. This is one of the newer features on the smaller and more compact models that are available.

If you like, you can switch colors and looks to all the pieces to your machine. Do you like pink? You can switch out the hose, the mask, the straps and sometimes even the face plate on the actual machine. This will allow you to feel more confidence and even might help you sleep better knowing that you have a fun looking machine.

If your mask doesn’t fit you right, you can switch out the face pillows, and you can also change your mask to go for more of a custom fit that will help you to comfortably wear it without getting lacerations and calluses on your face.

There are many ways to make your CPAP experience enjoyable. It is built to help you get a good night sleep and with the right combination you can find that perfect fit for you to get that perfect sleep.

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