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Wall stickers are beautiful and give your room an elegant look. If your stickers have become old thus you need to install others or you are moving to another area, you have to remove your old stickers. It’s fun installing the units, but it’s not the case when it comes to removing them.

When removing them you need to be careful as you can easily destroy your wall. If you are planning of removing the stickers there are many ways in which you can do it. Some of the ways of removing the units include:

Picking the stickers

If your stickers aren’t sticky you can easily remove them using your fingers. Start removing them from one corner of the wall and work yourself towards the center. When one sticker becomes difficult to lift, start at another corner. If it becomes too difficult to remove the stickers, use a putty or butter knife to gently scrape the stickers off the wall. Scraping not only removes the sticker from the wall, it also removes gooey adhesive residue that is sometimes left once you have removed the paper or vinyl. acrylic keychain

Use vinegar

If there are some stickers that aren’t coming off, use vinegar to remove them. Vinegar dissolves sticker remnants and adhesive residue that might be difficult to remove. To remove the stickers you only need to fold a paper towel and then pour a little of white vinegar on it. You should then hold it over the sticker area for a minute then lift the towel. If the sticker still fails to come off add more vinegar.

When removing vinegar using this method you should note that vinegar works well on non-porous surfaces. Vinegar can also damage your wall; therefore, before using it on a large area of your wall first test it on a small area and see how it works.

Use heat

Unless your sticker is very cooperative, bits of paper of adhesive will remain on the wall. Another way of removing the units is using heat. You should warm the surface using a hair dryer that is set to low or medium heat then hold it 4-5 inches from the sticker. The adhesive will soften thus making it easy to remove it using your fingers. Be cautious when using the hair dryer as you can easily damage your wall. This is common when you mistakenly use high heat.

Use a residue remover

This should be your last resort after everything else has failed. One of the best residue removers that you can use is a citrus-based adhesive remover. All you need to do is apply a small amount of the product to the top of the cotton swab and then rub it over the sticker remains. When doing it try to limit the liquid to the sticker area as much as possible. You should let the swab stay on the area for sometime after which you should wipe away the residue using a dry paper towel or your fingers.

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